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Mon Mar 3

I was just informed by tumblr that today my tumblr turned 7 years old. Clearly I have made the most of these past 7 years…

Sat Feb 28

I had an awful dream where I went to the bathroom at Threadgill’s and someone ordered me a chicken salad and they wouldn’t take it back and they wouldn’t let me order my chicken friend steak. Oh the humanity!

Thu Feb 19

Thinking of chicken fried steak. I can’t wait for threadgills

Wed Feb 18

Can you get lung cancer from second-hand deep-fryer smoke??

Sun Feb 1

I am choosing to blame the oven for the burned muffins.

Fri Jan 30

bacon tastes good

Tue Oct 14
Mon Oct 13
Insanely addicting

Insanely addicting

Sun Mar 9